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We are defining our mission, “Simplify your business drastically” in our company name and our services we provide with this strong will.

We realize a comfortable and sustainable world powered through people and technology.

It is most important for us to keep the 7 values in our mind to realize our Mission and Vision.

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The Middle East is located in the center of Europe, Asia and Africa. Due to the development of location and logistics, UAE Dubai has developed as a hub of its neighboring countries and as a unique modern city. It is a market that is very attractive to Japanese companies as an entry point and investment destination, and has attracted many Japanese companies over the years.

The UAE and the Middle East have their own laws and business customs, and there are many cases where the business does not proceed well due to the painstaking efforts to enter, and this is also the reason why many Japanese companies have entered and withdrew. It is also a fact.

In order to overcome this problem and keep many companies active locally, we will provide extensive support for sales and back office after market research, trial sales, finding sales destinations, starting trade, then establishing a company, and after establishment. By doing so, we will back up your business activities as a bridge and frontline base for your Middle East region. Operating a business in overseas have a lot of difficulties and problems. Especially it is the loneliness of the local manager. “Biz Easy” has the intention and strong desire to support and contribute to enable everyone to focus on their main business and to enable prompt and stable business operation. We have a rich and moist society in which Japan and the UAE / Middle East are mutually prosperous so that wonderful businesses can lead to the creation of new businesses in the Middle East, and that groundbreaking businesses in the UAE / Middle East can have a positive impact on Japan. We will make a contribution so that we can achieve the formation.

Our service begins with the interaction and connection of companies, products and services that are hampered by barriers to customs, language, culture and distance. Keeping this basic step in mind, we will continue to provide the market with highly original products and services that can create new value and create opportunities for business operations through mutual development. With this spirit in mind, we will continue to support products and services that are not found anywhere else, and businesses that no one has ever done.


BIZ EASY operates its business with the mission of “simplifying your business drastically”. To achieve this mission, we provide excellent Japanese products, services with the customer supports to Japanese companies and local companies. With a base in Dubai, we have established a backup system for local companies, including partnerships with Dubai government agencies. Based on the founder ‘s experience in establishing and operating a Japanese company as a local manager, I decided to start up this business to boldly ease the difficulties of local business operations, and wants to provide services that allow clients to focus on their core business.

The Middle East, which is an undeveloped land for many Japanese companies, has great potential. We will support the advancement of Japanese companies and strive to become the foundation of companies that have taken root in this area for a long time and succeed in business operations.

I myself have various experiences and connections in the UAE that have succeeded or failed in launching agricultural joint ventures and trading businesses. We sincerely support companies to succeed so that they can continue to do business for a long time.

Kenichi Hokamura

Founder & CEO


Biz Easy founder & ceo

Kenichi Hokamura

外村 健一 ホカムラ ケンイチ

Founder & CEO

Career (Curriculum Vitae)

Kenichi Hokamura is a founder and CEO of the Company. He is committed to all of our new business development. Although our business is diverse, we are focusing on our business so that we can provide the most useful services for many companies. In particular, he has a consignment contract with Nadia Group, the largest recruitment company in the UAE, and has been appointed as the director in charge of new development. Furthermore, from the experience of doing agricultural business in the UAE, the strengths from the experience of creating new businesses, considering joint ventures with business partners , market research, etc., importing fresh foods in the UAE, licensing in the UAE, etc. There are technologies that can push the boundaries of practice by conducting regulatory research and breaking through regulations. His action becomes your hand, your foot and eyes. If you have any problems, please let us know. He has experiences in establishing, operating, and withdrawing from LLC locally, and he will do his best to grasp the business of our customers from a large perspective. As a Japanese, he will be a user-friendly talent not only for companies that want to sell to the Japanese market, but also for Japanese companies that want to expand into the local market in Middle East.

Academic history

Osaka University (former: Osaka University of Foreign Studies) Bachelor’s degree 2009

Major in Arabic language & Islamic history, religion, local area study as Arabic course,

Middle East culture, Regional Cultural Studies, Foreign Language Department

Work experience in Middle East

  • 2015-2016


  • Abu Dhabi, UAE


    Abu Dhabi, UAE

  • 2020 - present

    Dubai, UAE


UAE Dubai Office

Address: Office #3104 – 31st Floor, 1Lake Plaza, JLT – Cluster T, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

UAE Abu Dhabi Rep Office

Address: Office #927 – 9th Floor, Dar Al Salam Building, Corniche st , Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates


Company name: BIZ EASY DMCC  (ビズイージー株式会社)

Head Office: Office 202 – 2nd Floor, Jumeirah Business Center 2 (JBC2), Cluster V,

                    Jumeirah Lakes Towers, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Foundation: January, 2021

CEO: Kenichi Hokamura

            外村 健一 / ホカムラ ケンイチ

Capital:100,000 AED


1. Consulting Market research, test marketing, agent searching & matching,

  Company formation

2. Sales support, import & export support, regulations searching

3. Recruitment, HR consulting, Training,  HR talent management system sales

4. Accounting & bookkeeping, Accounting software sales

5. Sales consulting, sales management & CRM sales

6. WEB & Promotional materials creation, translation,

      assignment support, and all other related services