Benefit of Virtual Business Card

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Are you missing chances to get client contact information in increasing web meetings?
Let’s get to know the merit of Virtual Business Card!

With this article you will get to know…

  • What is Virtual Business Card
  • Features and Benefits of Virtual Business Card

What is Virtual Business Card?

Virtual business card has the same information as paper business card and can be exchanged online. It’s very a useful way to get contact information of your clients.
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How it works?

It’s easy. You will send your Virtual business card URL or QR code to your clients then the clients can download your business card just by clicking URL or reading QR code. At the same time the client can send back his/her business card in one click for Sansan users(*see the column “Virtual business card service by Sansan”) or by taking picture of his/her paper business card with mobile phone and send the QR code to you if he/she is not a Sansan user(*see the column “Virtual business card service by Sansan”).

How works Virtual Business Card

Why the business card important and useful?

Business card has no future? In the current digital situation, contact information is also got in different resources such as in email signature or self-introduction in web meeting etc. But information is missing sometimes in those resources. Missing department, position, office address, official company name… On the other hand information in business card is official information from the company, covers all the basic information and it’s accurate and latest. In the meeting, their position information will help you to know who is the key person or decision maker. Actually business card is very efficient, useful and important.
Feature of business card

Benefit of Virtual business card

However a lot of meetings are online now and less chance to exchange business cards… That’s the time for Virtual (online) business card. Virtual business cards are not only a replacement for paper business cards, but also a more value-added tool unique to digital. Let’s exchange the cards at the scheduling timing of the meeting, make strategy and take initiative in the meeting!

Examples of use and benefits of Virtual Business Card:

  • Share business cards before meeting. You can make a strategy and approach key people efficiently.
  • Use it for all online communication anytime, anywhere.
  • Set it in your virtual background of your online meeting or Webinar. Your name will come in their memory and listeners can download it anytime in the meeting. No matter how many people there are.
  • Build centralized customer database to enhance your sales. No need tying to enter customer information as it’s already digitized in Virtual business card.
  • You can start a first step of Digital transformation(DX) with the customer database, then use it efficiently with IT solutions.

New lifestyles in Covid pandemic situation

Virtual back ground with virtual business card


Where fit to use?

  • Online meetings on Zoom, Teams, Google Meets etc.
  • Webinar
  • Greetings and Appointments by Email
  • Networking chats
  • Online events and parties etc.

Scenes to use Virtual business card

Virtual business card service by Sansan

To use our virtual business card service, you need to have a Sansan account. The counterparts don’t need to have it for exchange of their cards. Sansan is a business card-based contact management system provided from Sansan Inc. Sansan virtual business card service is integrated with Google calendar and Microsoft Teams calendar then you can share your Virtual business card when you schedule the meeting by Google calendar and Microsoft Teams calendar.

Google Microsoft Teams Integration

How to exchange the cards

Non-Sansan Eight user exchange

1) You: Issue URL for your virtual business card and send it to your counterpart.
2) Counterpart: Place the pointer on “Send back your business card”, then QR code will appear.
3) Counterpart: Access to QR code by smartphone and take a picture of the paper business card, or select a file he has already in his folder.
4) Counterpart: Click “Send”.

*Card data can be saved in “Copy the text”, “vCard” or “CSV”.
*vCard is a standard of file format for electric business card. Information on vCard can be registered in your “Contact” if your software is compatible with vCard.

How to exchange cards for Sansan Eight users

1) You: Issue URL for your virtual business card and send it to your counterpart.
2) Counterpart: Select “Save”, then “Register to Sansan”.
3) Counterpart: Select “Send back your business card”, then “Exchange by Sansan”.

*Sansan and Eight are contact management systems provided by Sansan Inc.

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