BIZ EASY concluded a distributor agreement with Sansan.

BIZ EASY concluded a distributor agreement with Sansan.

BIZ EASY DMCC (Founder & CEO: Kenichi Hokamura) has concluded a distributor agreement with Sansan, Inc. (Representative Director & CEO: Chika Terada). This is the first distributor agreement for Sansan, Inc. in the Middle East and Africa.

With the Sansan cloud-based business card and contact management tool for corporations, which holds the top market share1, BIZ EASY is supporting local companies in their digital transformation (DX) by offering ways to strengthen sales through visualizing hidden personal contacts within the company. Sansan is the namesake product of Sansan, Inc.

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the momentum in increasing to promote DXs in ways such as digitization of operations, internet of things (IoT), and use of artificial intelligence (AI). Small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), however, while sensing the importance of DX, have not progressed as much as expected. This has become a pressing issue.

A Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan2 report on DX promotion reveals that, in fact, 90%+ of all companies have not worked on DX at all or have been restricted to sporadic implementation. This situation is not only the case in Japan, but also in other countries.

We began using Sansan this February and built a company-wide business card database to visualize networks of personal contacts. Through this visualization, we are working to activate information-sharing across departments and generations, improve operational efficiency, and apply digital marketing that utilizes business card data.

Our mission has always been to “simplify your business drastically”, and we have been responding to the diversifying and sophisticated needs of local businesses through the use of digital technology. The mission of Sansan, Inc., “Turning encounters into innovation”, matches our company’s perspective of encouraging business innovation through the power of people and technology. This led us to conclude a distributor agreement.

With this agreement, we will contribute to solving the problems of local businesses, revitalizing the local economy, and creating new communities by supporting DX through offering Sansan.


■ About “Sansan

“Sansan” changes work styles by business card management.
“Sansan” is a cloud-based contact management tool for corporations. Just by reading business cards with a Scanner or smartphone app, the business card information is accurately digitized by their unique operation system. Sophisticated AI technology enables you to manage and share intra-company contacts, as well as integrate and richen customer data or facilitate internal cooperation. “Sansan” is a “business platform” that supports the start of business.


■ Sansan, Inc. Company Profile

With the mission of “Turning encounters into innovation”, Sansan, Inc. develops and offers its namesake Sansan cloud-based business card and contact management tool for corporations and the Eight business card app for individuals. Sansan, Inc. provides its services both in Japan and overseas, developing advanced technology to turn its users’ business cards into powerful, shareable, and actionable data.

Established: June 11, 2007.
Location: Aoyama Oval Building 13F, 5-52-2 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo,150-0001, Japan

Capital: 6,236 million yen (as of May 31, 2020.)
Business: Planning, development and sales of cloud business card management service


1Survey and Research Report “Latest Trends in Business Card Management Services and Sales Services. (SFA/CRM/ Online Business Card Exchange)” (Seed Planning, Inc. December 2020.)

2Study Group on Acceleration of Digital Transformation “Interim Report of DX Report 2”. (METI, December 28, 2020.)


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