What is GMO Sign?

中東アフリカでの電子契約ならGMOサイン | BIZ EAZY 60/100

Trust built with a reliable sign

Whenever a contract is concluded, the “other party” is always there.
When a person makes a promise to another person, it must be reliable.
Based on the high level of security technology that we have cultivated over the past 25 years, GMO Sign realizes
a “reliable signature” by making the connection between people exist as a reliable things through IT technology.

*GMO Sign changed its name from GMO Agree in February 2021.

What GMO Sign Can Do

GMO Sign by GlobalSign is a cloud-based signing solution. It’s an electronic contract to be concluded with “electronic document + electronic signature” instead of the conventional “paper + seal” contracts. GMO Sign saves you from laborious tasks such as posting, collecting, filing, and searching documents. With features like timestamping, long-term validation, and clientless interface, the time and cost spent on managing, archiving, and shipping paper documents is significantly reduced.
It can be used under 2 electronic contracts. One is AATL approved digital signatures, which guarantee identity with identified Electric Certificate pre-issued based on strict identity verification by Certificate Authority, and the other is Electronic Signatures, which guarantees identity through email authentication.

電子印鑑GMOサインは、法的に有効なクラウド型の電子契約サービスです。契約締結・管理の業務効率化や印紙税などのコスト削減、コンプライアンス強化を実現。「電子署名」と「⾝元確認済み ⾼度電⼦署名」を使い分けできます。重要な⽂書の電⼦契約の場合、厳格な本⼈確認のもと電⼦署名を⾏えます。
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Features of GMO Sign

Cost saving /
Operations streamline

  • Paperless workflow

  • No service required at clients

  • Printing and transportation cost saving

Operation enhancement

  • Easy to use across countries and industries

  • User-friendly UI/UX

  • Easy for clients to use

Security / compliance enhancement

  • Flow management

  • Documents management

  • Usable legally

Contract process streamline.

No more printing, binding, posting, and collection.

Image GMO contract process streamline
GMO sign Document flow ENG
トップクラスの技術⼒を誇る GMO GlobalSignと連携 GMO GlobalSignは、WebTrustの厳正な監査基準を満たした世界トップレベルを誇るルート認証局です。 電子印鑑GMOサインは、サーバーインフラ事業25年以上で培ったサーバー運⽤ノウハウと、連結⼦会社GMO GlobalSignの高いセキュリティ技術力を最大限に活かし、お客さまの⼤切な契約をしっかり支えます。

Cooperate with GMO GlobalSign,
one of the leading technology providers

GMO GlobalSign is a world-class route certification authorities that meet strict WebTrust auditing standards.

GMO Sign takes full advantage of the server operation know-how cultivated through more than 25 years in the server infrastructure business and the high security technology of GMO GlobalSign, a consolidated subsidiary, to support customers’ important contracts.

Key functions of GMO Sign

2 types of signatures

✓Electronic Signatures through email authentication

✓Digital signatures with identified Electric Certificate

Handwritten signature

Signing workflow

Signing / Browsing Restriction

Documents archive and search

Bulk Sending option

Strict identification

Access code

Template function

System integration

Scenes fit to use

  • HR

    ・Offer letter, Termination letter

    ・Employment agreement

    ・Outsourcing agreement

    ・Payroll statement

    ・Attendance and leave approval

  • Sales


    ・Sales contract

    ・Service agreement

    ・Confidentiality agreement

    ・Distributor agreement

  • Marketing

    ・Personal information handling agreement

    ・License agreement

    ・Vendor agreement

    ・Confidentiality agreement

  • Management

    ・Compliance agreement

    ・Internal approval

    ・Board resolution

  • Purchasing

    ・Purchase agreement

    ・Order confirmation

  • Service

    ・Acceptance inspection certificate

    ・After-sales service agreement

    ・Project management

    ・Specification approval


Result of GMO Sign

GlobalSign trusted around the world

ompanies using GlobalSign

Japan Top share

Companies using electronic services



電子印鑑GMOサインは、法的に有効なクラウド型の電子契約サービスです。契約締結・管理の業務効率化や印紙税などのコスト削減、コンプライアンス強化を実現。「電子署名」と「⾝元確認済み ⾼度電⼦署名」を使い分けできます。重要な⽂書の電⼦契約の場合、厳格な本⼈確認のもと電⼦署名を⾏えます。


A. An electronic contract that has been digitally signed by the author is considered to have the same evidential power as a manually signed contract.

A. When requesting a Digital signature from the other party, the other party also needs to use GMO Sign.
To sign the documents with Electronic Signatures, the other party doesn’t need to have an GMO Sign account.

A. You can check the certificate information by clicking the signature in the PDF. It’s AATL certificates issued by a certification authority (GlobalSign). The corporate (organizational) name, address, signer’s title (or department), and signer’s name can be confirmed on the certificate. You can also confirm that it’s signed by the signer himself/herself.

A. For each Agree user to acquire an electronic certificate, they will need to submit a request. After the request is submitted by the user it will be forwarded to the GlobalSign Vetting team. A Vetting Agent will then contact the individual who applied for the certificate and guide them through the identification process.

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